My website is back! Finally after years in the wilderness……will be setting up a merch store at some point with various T-shirts etc & also a mailout subscription link….watch this space. Massive thank you to Tom Bright for helping me get my act together…..Thank you also to everyone who’s been buying and streaming Monochrome To Colour, it’s means a hell of a lot…in the meantime I’ve been hunkered down in the Wold Cabin…. have just finished recording and producing the esteemed gentleman Mr Tom Bright’s 2nd record, the very talented Hannah Rose Platt’s 3rd record & Loup GarouX’s debut record will be out next year ( Good God was released last Friday as a free track, go and check it out)… Also watch out for Laura Jansen’s incredible forthcoming record which we made together & Paloma Faith’s new album, Infinite Things, which has an epic track Paloma & I wrote in the last few months…I’m also in the middle of writing my next album with WORDS, BIG, CLEVER WORDS, SO MANY WORDS…..I’m hoping to have this finished and mastered by spring 2021. Stay safe out there, much love to you all. ED